For years my great grandfather’s violin followed me as I moved around the south – from Alabama to North Carolina, to Florida and back to Alabama.  Prior to accepting a visiting professor of music and director of choral activities position at Midwestern State University Texas, I decided it was time for a Luthier to take a look at this instrument and get it in playing condition.  This violin stayed in Homewood, AL throughout the duration of my 12 months in Texas.   While moving back to Florida in June 2020, I picked up my newly restored violin.  I did not begin this journey of learning to play it until March 2021.  A friend mentioned that it might be interesting for me to document this journey.  So, here we are and here I am doing just that.

As a music teacher, this journey is goes beyond simply learning a new instrument.  Part of what I will document are the virtues of being beginner and practicing what it is I teach students about the learning and practice of music.  


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